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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  December 16, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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welcome to "the reid report." i'm joy reid coming to you from washington, d.c. today where we start appropriately enough with politics. specifically jeb bush, raising his hand ever so slightly for 2016. the former florida governor and the son and brother of two president bushs announced on facebook he'll actively explore running for president himself. that statement follows a quip jeb made monday during a commencement speech at the university of south carolina. >> people often model their lives on their parents. their parents went to college. so do they. if your parents worked in politics, well, you know the rest. >> msnbc political correspondent casey hunt has the latest from our d.c. news room. casey, this is not an exploratory or anything formal,
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but how serious do people in washington think jeb might be? >> people are taking this very seriously, joy. especially to put something out this early, at this stage in the game, be basically the first guy out of the gate says a lot about what governor bush's intentions are. it's also going to do a lot to shape the field of potential republican contenders. now, you've had some of them already start to come out and make comments about governor bush's announcement. you had senator rand paul who told reporters at the capitol, the more the measurier. he w he was speaking with dennis kucinich, as he said that. marco rubio came out and said, governor bush's announcement doesn't change his plans. he's probably the one person who people say is most affected by governor bush's decision. he would have to raise a lot of money in florida. he would have to take a lot of support from florida. governor bush has a lot of loyalty and long-standing ties
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there having been governor. that's definitely an issue for him. i think you'll also see some pressure on people like chris christie for establishment support, especially among the donor class. people who are looking for a safe place to bet their money in 2016. >> msnbc's casey hunt, thank you. >> let's get to the latest on a horrific attack on the military-run school in pakistan. the country's military says more than 140 people in total were killed. about 132 of them children. seven attackers wearing explosive vests and disguised as soldiers stormed the school in peshawar near the country's tribal regions. president obama condemned the attacks as did secretary of state john kerry today while in london. >> prime minister sharif said, these are my children. it is my loss. while this morning, wherever you live, wherever you are, those are our children. and this is the world's loss. >> nbc producer waj khan joins
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us on the phone. who do we know about this horrible attack and who is claiming responsibility? >> hi. it was the guys who the military has finally gone after, after years of being prodded by washington. the military made up its mind. to engage all groups related to the pakistani taliban and that's where they went in, not too far from peshawar, where the attack was today. the attack in north waziristan which is a badland between afghanistan and pakistan, which is being read as retribution because the groups which are claiming responsibility have clearly said you hit our families and now we're going to hit yours. the significance of the attack really is that a lot of army brats, kids belonging to
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military families, those soldiers who are deployed in the northwestern part of the country have been hit. essentially hit close to home for the military. >> absolutely. how many attackers do we know? what kind of security measures are now being taken at other military facilities and schools in peshawar? >> well, we know that seven attackers scaled the walls. they came in a little before home time. they were all wearing suicide vests. they had automatic weapons and ammo and rations. we know they tried to target an auditorium and induced most of the casualties at the beginning where most of the kids were in the auditorium for a school function. and then, of course, the fighting went from room to room. the special forces were deployed. they were choppered in from mainland pakistan, and
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essentially it lasted right into the evening, almost until sunset. out of almost 1100 kids, 960 were evacuated but more than 130 killed. so, a high casualty count and three soldiers killed, ten staff members killed, including the principal. >> wow. thank you for that update. nbc's waj khan in pakistan. today australians are mourning the loss of two innocent people killed in monday's 16-hour hostage standoff. in downtown sydney today, the site of the attack is now a flower-laden memorial to the two victims. australian prime minister abbott and his wife laid wreaths also. he questioned how the gunman slipped through the cracks. >> someone who has had such a
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long and shaken history. not the -- not on the appropriate watch lists and how can someone like that be at large in the community? these are questions we need to look at carefully and calmly and methodically to learn the right lessons and to act upon them. >> sarah is live in sydney. >> reporter: well, joishgs it has been really interesting to see the degree of candor on the subject of how does this man slip through the net? i mean, this is the very kind of person that recent terror laws were designed to catch and get the authorities to know that they're out there and to pay attention. when i talk about that, these new terror laws do things like, they say that if nobody can go and fight overseas in a terror campaign.
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it's an offense actually to advocate for terrors. they've gone so far as to confiscate for passports. that doesn't account for the lone wolf and doesn't account for on the fringe of the fringe. shb who is repudiated pretty much by everyone. so, this is a really complicated area and one the australians will have to take a close look at. a couple of things are happening, joy. one is that the police here in sydney have started something they're calling "operation hammerhead." for the next couple of weeks there will be increased surveillance all over the city, increased police presence and they hope that will make people feel more secure. joy? >> nbc's sara james in sydney. thank you. now to pennsylvania where the manhunt for a former marine suspected of killing six people,
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including his ex-wife is now in its second day. authorities try to find 35-year-old bradley william stone. in a news conference this morning, the district attorney urged residents in the area to be vigilant. >> i simply ask the community be observant and cautious. if you see something, say something. call 911. call the police. i would ask that people not try to stop mr. stone. if they do see him, he should be considered armed and dangerous. we know that he has access to firearms as well as cutting instruments. >>. >> we're in eagleville, pennsylvania, with more. >> reporter: in a news conference that ended a short while ago, authorities said it has been an extremely harrowing and challenging 24 hours and now they are asking for the public's help in finding this fugitive, 35-year-old bradley stone. they released these pictures of him. this is what they looked like in
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a beard in november of this year. they digitally altered the photograph, they say, to show what he looks like now. clean-shaven. this picture, they say, is going out throughout the area and are posted on billboards. they say he is still considered armed and dangerous. they want people, if they see him, to call 911 and not to try to contact them himself. as a result of the caution in this area, one local school district has shut down the schools. and they've told people they should stay inside f they can. they've given us an update on the one victim who was shot, 17-year-old nephew of stone's ex-wife. he was shot in the head. they say he's in a philadelphia hospital in very serious but stable condition. authorities say this is a collaborative law enforcement effort and that s.w.a.t. teams throughout multiple counties are working nonstop to locate this fudgetive. they said today that they will find bradley stone. joy, back to you.
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>> rehema ellis live in pennsylvania, thank you very much. we learned bradley stone's body appears to have been found. again, bradley stone's body has now been found. let's get a reid alert in the sony hacking case. two former employees have filed a class action suit against sony pictures accusing the company of failing to secure its computer network and stop hackers. the employees are asking now for compensation for any damages related to the leak of employee information, including credit monitoring and identity theft insurance. coming up, who are the pakistani taliban? we'll dig deeper into the region to determine the motivation behind today's schoolhouse massacre. still ahead, jeb bush says he's actively exploring a run for the white house. what are his chances of surviving a republican primary? and is america ready for a third president bush? they're still after me. get to the terminal across town. are all the green lights you?
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more now on our breaking news out of pennsylvania. police confirmed the body of bradley stone, the iraq war veteran accused of killing six people in a shooting spree on monday, has been found. we're expecting police to hold a news conference shortly. we'll bring that to you live right here on msnbc. now more on that horrific attack in pakistan that killed more than 130 children. specifically the motivations for an attack on a school that mostly educated the children of pakistan's armed forces. foreign affairs writer for "the washington post." talk more about the specific attack and why it was focused on a school full of kids. >> hi. thanks for having me on. the attack, which by current count of the death toll is
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probably the worst terror attack in pakistani history, was centered on a military school in peshawar, which is close to the pakistani tribal belt. and largely -- at least what the pakistani taliban say, as an act of revenge against the ongoing military campaign against the taliban in the border lands between pakistan and afghanistan. they see these schools as soft targets and they have a whole track record of attacking schools in the past. >> when i first heard about this awful attack this morning, i immediately did think about isis and some of the more extreme groups that are operating in the near east and in the middle east. the guardian has an interesting piece about another potential for the attack. the pakistani taliban has been under pressure in recent months. splits have seen major factions peel off. security experts know when
11:16 am
groups pragt, groattacks become more extreme. could it be there is a further radicalization of some of these groups as they splinter apart in a sense, in a gruelling -- in a sort of gruesome way try to compete with one another for more spectacular attacks. >> absolutely. this is an organization that's always been since its emergence in 2007, it's always been a loose coalition of factions operating in the area. right now it's under extreme duress. the pakistani military has been really pounding them. they had ten air strikes today on pakistani taliban positions. you've seen a lot of key leaders hit by drone strikes and other strikes. so, it's an organization that's in tatters in many ways. there's a very good chance that a particular radical wing of this decided to take out -- decided to go off with this attack. >> let's talk about the government there in pakistan, how much pressure they're under
11:17 am
from the west. specifically from the united states. to step up attacks on the pakistani taliban. >> there's been a lot of pressure for a long time. i think it's important to note that nobody's really suffered more than pakistan itself at this rate. there's lots of -- i mean, the numbers we're seeing of casualties are huge over the past few years. the pakistani government has a lot of its own political turmoils it's deal with. there have been opposition groups within the pakistani political space that have been pushing for a more talks and compromise with the taliban. it's been a complicated scenario for sharif. these attacks will gavel niz a level of political consensus around taking on the taliban we have not seen before. >> and talk a little about going forward as the united states winds down its military operations in neighboring afghanist
11:18 am
afghanistan, how that changes the calculus. >> it's a really complicated calculus. the afghan taliban the u.s. has been dealing with and afghanistan are separate organizations. and pakistan and afghanistan themselves as countries have to step up their collaboration. i think if there's a growing consensus around countering both taliban in their midst, we'll see a greater collaboration and greater diplomacy between the two countries to further counter these groups. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. a reid alert now in washington. for the first time in 17 months the u.s. has a surgeon general. the senate voted 51-43 last night to confirm dr. murthy. his nomination had been left in limbo for more than a year as some lawmakers and the nra opposed his public support for gun control. at 37, murthy is america's youngest ever top doc. the holiday season is here,
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today yoour mourning the tragic deaths of more than 130 pakistani children along with nearly a dozen adults skilled by the taliban. upon hearing the tragic news the suicide bombers attacked an army-run school in the town of peshawar, 24 noble prize lawyer yet tweeted, children are the first casualties of violence and war. it's time we came together and put a stop this this violence. noble prize winner malal says, i am heartbroken by this senseless and cold-blooded act of terror in peshawar that is unfolding before us. you're sharing images like this at at a candlelight vigil in pakistan for the victims and decrying the killing of innocent children, tweeting you're still
11:23 am
in shock. feeling horror and sadness and cannot even begin to comprehend acts like this. meanwhile, the comeback of recording artist deangelo has been trending since sunday with the release of his second album "black messiah." almost 15 years in the making, it hit number one on itunes and in the album notes, he says his latest opus is about people rising up in ferguson and in egypt and in occupy wall street and in every place where a community has had enough and decides to make change happen. you're calling it an artistic triumph and sending tweets like this. i used to joke he was a modern god of love and would return when it was time to heal the world. turns out, that wasn't really a joke. more entertainment news that has you buzzing is the announcement that actors david oyelowo and lupita nyong'o are to star in
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news out of pennsylvania. moments from now, police will hold a news conference with more details on pennsylvania's shooting suspect bradley stone. just moments ago sources confirmed to our nbc philadelphia affiliate wcau that stone's body had been found in a wooded area of pennsburg, pennsylvania. he is accused of shooting down six people on monday. we'll bring you that news conference live when it happens. let's get to our other top story today. jeb bush's announcement about a
11:28 am
possible presidential run. the former florida governor's announcement. it's also a signal to the other possible gop candidates that the clock is officially ticking. a political analyst and veteran of the clinton and obama campaigns and mark murray is nbc news senior political editor. i'll start with you here at the table, mark, because this is a surprise that's not a surprise. most people who studied or followed jeb bush know he's wanted to be president for a very long time. people thought had that last name might be his biggest impediment. what do donors think? do they think the jeb bush brand is viable after two were already presidents? >> i think the announcement he made and the other little announcements over the last few days, releasing his e-mails from days of florida governor as well as coming out with a book, i think it's a signal to donors, hey, i'm probably going to be in this race and it's time to get behind me and not some of the other people.
11:29 am
of course, the votes aren't going to be taking place for more than a year in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, but now is the time to round up all the donors, to get all those pioneers or whatever his brother ended up referring to them in his run, so that's what the signal is more to you and me and political reporters. >> isn't this more about crowding out the romney and chris christie? there's the establishment pot a and. >> two people from florida end up running in the same presidential primary of the same political parties, it's very odd for something like that to happen. he also mentioned mitt romney. romney's rationale and theory of getting in this race is if
11:30 am
someone like jeb bush not run or chris christie not run at all. chris christie, what does he do? reports from our own nbc affiliate in new york city that possible indictments are coming at the beginning of next year in the bridgegate scandal. that could go many different ways. it is noteworthy that jeb bush is the first figure on the republican party and the establishment, planting his flag in the field. >> for people who follow jeb bush, he was quite a conservative governor, although he's now sort of put into the moderate wing of the party by default because of how far right the party has gone. talk about that brand in florida. he gave marco rubio his political start. is there a marco rubio constituency or does bush just cancel him out? >> i think that's what we'll find out, joy. in the first place, jeb bush continues to be one of the more popular figures in florida despite having been out of the governor's mansion for three years, but what this signals, it's a strong move to not just
11:31 am
rubio but other republican contenders. there's a sense within republican circles that allowing a potential hillary clinton candidacy juggernaut that would probably go unimpeded in the primaries, to see a republican primary fight, a contentious one, that could damage the prospects in november of 2016. i think this is a very strong effect that says, hey, jeb bush is in this race. republican establishment, let's get behind him quickly. i think you'll see many perspective gop hopefuls announce in the next few weeks since jeb bush has signaled he's getting in. they may try to freeze out the remaining folks. i think there will potentially be room on the other side, especially running to the right of jeb bush, we'll see immigration be a focal issue. nonetheless, this is the move by the republican establishment, getting behind jeb bush early, anticipating a hillary clinton candidacy. >> the interesting thing will be whether or not he keeps his old position on immigration or goes to his new position, which is more hard line. i want to go to one of the
11:32 am
biggest issues with this candidacy. >> the #bush2016 is already very popular. let's go to barbara bush talking about a 2016 bush presidency. >> he's by far the most qualified man. nope, i really don't. i think it's a great country, a lot of great families and it's not just four families. there are other people out there that are very qualified. we've had enough bushes. >> tom coburn echoing, we don't need another bush, period. the idea the american people would have to choose from a clinton and bush, mark, i don't think is all that exciting to people and jeb bush comes with some background. he has lehman brothers baggage similar to the mitt romney baggage. as a brand, does this work? >> it's helpful in a republican primary, at least on paper. we were talking about
11:33 am
fund-raising. there's still so many people in the republican party, part of that whole big area who are big fans of the bush years. that barbara bush clip you played is something we'll end up hearing for the next two years in jeb decides to make it an official run. one reason being 2016 is starting to shape up like the year of the political rerun or sequel. it's not just a clinton or bush who could be in the mix. could be rand fall whose father ran for the presidency three times. we could have repeat candidates like huckabee, santorum, does romney make a move and 2016 is not about the bridge to the 22nd century. it's more about, you know, all these political people who have run before. >> lastly, very quickly, does jeb bush then also have to run against george w. bush? his presidency not seen as a success by most political watchers. >> not just his brother but, in fact, many folks feel his father from an economic perspective, his father's presidency was a failed presidency economically. it's having to draw that contrast. if hillary clinton runs on the
11:34 am
clinton presidency, the historical ones where you have the great prosperity, that hard narrative to try to get rnd. >> indeed. we'll keep watching. thank you both. >> thank you. coming up, the family of an ohio man shot and killed by police will carrying an air rifle he found in walmart's toy aisle takes legal action. as disturbing video emerges of officers interrogating his girlfriend after the incident. she will join us next. they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement.
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worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. the family of john crawford iii has filed a federal civil lawsuit against several parties in the 22-year-old's death. crawford was shot and killed in august by a beaver creek, ohio, police officer inside a walmart. it happened after someone inside the store called 911 saying a man was waving what appeared to be a rifle and walking up and
11:38 am
down the aisles. police say the 22-year-old didn't obey their orders to put down what turned out to be an air rifle sold in the toy aisle of that walmart store. crawford's father says this lawsuit is quite simply about getting justice. >> i still pursuing justice because to me that is justice. you have to be held accountable. you don't get a pass because you have a sidearm and a shield. in fact, you are set at higher standards. >> this lawsuit comes as new video obtained by "the guardian" shows police interrogating crawford's girlfriend not long after the shooting. listen. >> tell me where he got the gun from. >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. >> ma'am, the truth is you knew at some point he did carry a gun, isn't it? isn't it true? >> no, sir. no, sir. i didn't know. i swear i didn't know. >> tasha, i'm having trouble with this. >> please, give me a lie detector test.
11:39 am
anything. i'm being honest. >> that might come in the future. >> joining me now is tasha thomas with her attorney, anthony vanoy. thank you for being here. i want to ask you at the time -- >> thank you. >> thank you. at the time you were being questioned by the police officer, did you know john had, in fact, been killed? >> i didn't know until long after the interrogation that he was gone. >> what were they trying to get you to say? what was the officer trying to imply that you had done? >> well, hi picked him up from cincinnati and brought him down here to the walmart to go to the pharmacy. it was their understanding the gun had came out of my vehicle. >> anthony, i just want to ask
11:40 am
you because in this case what we know of it is someone inside the store called 911. to your knowledge, had anyone implied there was a robbery going on inside that store? >> not at all. i think this is a classic situation where they're grasping at straws, trying to determine, trying to assert something bad was going on and maybe to suggest that john was trying to commit a crime or tasha was somehow involved in john trying to commit a crime. but it was the furthest from the truth. no one alleged any robbery was taking place. no one had alleged that to any store employee. no store employee had made that accusation against john or against tasha. >> right. let me quickly ask tasha, at any point did the police apologize to you or say they'd gotten it wrong? >> no, not at all.
11:41 am
>> to this day, that's the problem here. >> go on, anthony. >> to this day, that's still the problem. you know, they treated tasha as though she was a second class citizen, as though she had no rights ashgsz though she did not just suffer a significant loss and they became very accusatory from the beginning. i think that's the challenging part here. they did not treat her with the dignity that people should be treated with. and that's part of the problem here. it seems as though the rights of maybe police officers are superseding the rights of ordinary citizens. that's just not the indication. >> lastly to you, tasha, to this day have you heard anything more from the beaver creek police? have they said anything to you in regard to the way you were treated or in regard to the shooting of john crawford iii? >> they have not.
11:42 am
>> you've had no -- >> no. none other than the incident, i haven't had any contact with them. >> finally, anthony, what is -- what does the family hope to get out of this lawsuit? what changes do you hope to see? >> i think this discussion is really important. it's affecting everyone in our country. and i think the way that people are treated in crisis situation, it has to be changed. i think that obviously law enforcement has a job to do, but, frankly, when many officers feel they can behave in a matter that solely is protective of themselves and not considering the ramifications of how it affects other people, we're going to continue to have problems. and i think tasha is just an example. fortunately, it was caught on tape how she was mistreated. fortunately, we can now tell the story because many people have accused officers of treating
11:43 am
them disrespectively or in an abusive manner and no one believes that. we hear these stories but, unfortunately, we have not had the evidence to support it. >> thank you both for being here. tasha, our condolences. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> now, john crawford iii's death and that of 12-year-old tamir rice shot by a cleveland police officer as he held a pellet gun prompted what has become a series of protests by athletes with the black lives matter movement. yesterday cleveland browns wide receiver andrew hawkins responded to one union calling on him to apologize for a shirt he wore on sunday. >> to me justice means that the innocent should be found innocent. it means that those who do wrong
11:44 am
should get their due punishment. ultimately it means fair treatment. so, a call for justice shouldn't offend or disrespect anybody. a call for justice shouldn't warrant an apology. >> apparently that wasn't enough. jeffrey fullmer of the cleveland patrolman association responded saying what hawkins did on sunday was disrespectful. >> he's calling for justice on two officers that were called to do their job with a male that had a gun inside a park that they had to defend themselves and use deadly force on him. it's not a call for justice. they were justified. and cleveland police officers work with them hand in hand. when he disrespects two of our officers, he's disrespecting everybody else. >> shakira diaz is with the
11:45 am
civil liberties union of ohio. what do you think about this? there have now been two police unions who have said professional athletes wearing shirts or putting their hands up in support of those killed by police violence have to apologize by police. what do you make of that? >> athletes like every other individual in this country have a constitutional right to express their concerns. now, the police unions don't have to like it, but these athletes as well as everyone else have a right to do so. >> the question now, i guess, since the police are a part of the government, i mean, they are in the armed wing of the government, is there a first amendment problem with a government entity, including a police department, demanding apologies from private citizens? >> this wasn't the police department. it was the president of the police union. there is a problem, however,
11:46 am
with the fact that in the case of cleveland, for example, the department has investigated the police department twice. police officers are engaging in a pattern and practice in violation of the fourth amendment. additionally the report also found that the city failed to train and equip officers with basic tools to do their jobs. so, really, this is an opportunity for the police union to really work to build credibility, trust and create a police department that is constitutionallily effective, bias-free, well trained and well equipped. >> thank you for that clarification. i think it's a very important discussion. one of the other things mr. fullmer said last night on "all in" on our air is that these officers have already been found to have been justified in this shooting. to your knowledge, is that the case? >> that is not the case.
11:47 am
>> so this case is still open, the shooting of tamir rice? >> the case is still being investigated. i believe the city has 90 days total to investigate the shooting. >> and lastly, in a case like this, in a state that is open carry, how difficult is it for individual citizens to exercise that right, which a lot of people assert constantly, that right to open carry if it is the law when you're then dealing with a police organization? how should people respond to police in those situations? >> this is more an issue about culture. tamir was carrying a toy, so wasn't an actual -- wasn't an actual gun. in the case of john crawford, that, too, was a toy. there's also an incident involving tanisha anderson who lost her life. this is an issue about culture, not necessarily carrying
11:48 am
weapons. these were in the case of tamir and john, these were both toys. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. and coming up, a day africa mill cosby speaks out about the sexual allegations against her husband, one of the comedian's daughter is defending her husband. will it be cosby's saving grace or will the moves backfire? go! go! wow! go power...oats! go! made from oats cheerios! cheerios! go, go, go! go power oats! go! cheerios! go power! go...power! yayyyy! the start of sneeze season.. and the wind-blown watery eyes. that's why puffs plus lotion is gentle on sensitive skin. so you can always
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11:51 am
after dozens of weapon have come forward to accuse bill cosby of sexual misconduct, his wife of 50 years and now his youngest daughter are speaking out. in a statement to "access hollywood" 30-year-old evan cosby says, quote, he is the father you knew. "the cosby show" was my daily tv reality show. thank you. that's all i would like to say. >> cosby's daughter has been speaking out on facebook for weeks. in her most recent post today
11:52 am
she cheers on her mom for breaking her own silence. in a strongly worded statement, camille cosby defended her husband calling him a kind man, a generous man, the man you thought you knew. she also lashed out at the media saying there appears to be no vetting of my husband's accusers. an accusation is published and immediately goes viral. she went on to compare the scandal about "rolling stone's" story on the sexual assault on the uva campus. she says, none of us will ever want to be in the position. bill cosby has denied the many allegations against him, what does it mean to camille cosby, now evan, who are now standing by dr. crosby? a publicist and founder and president of the brito agency. let's start with camille cosby who compared the situation with her husband to the case at uva,
11:53 am
which is now mired in controversy. good strategy or bad strategy? >> i think it's a great strategy. camille is the woman who the show was modeled after. she is the global mother figure to the global father figure we all grew to have a beloved relationship with. i think it's important to show they are standing united. they are standing as a family against these allegations. i think it's very timely. i think what camille is sharing is important to note. regardless of the evidence that would have been presented in this case, we do have to look at the fact it's words, words being levied to basically attack the character of someone who is shown as a very different man than the portrait that's being painted in the media of him right now. >> let he me challenge just a tiny bit of that. camille cosby said we wouldn't want to attack the victims, but by going right to the uva story, isn't that, by nature, calling
11:54 am
on reporters to challenge and attack the victims and essentially calling more than now 22 women liars? >> well, i think what she's saying is there has to be a vetting process. we have to remember that we're living in a day and age, joy, where you can say anything on your public platform. whether it is, you know, your instagram pages, social media pages so she's saying, when you lack evidence, you have to look at a person's character. have you to look at patterns. social media environments allow people to create artificial patterns. just because we see repetition does not mean that that becomes reality. so just because you see a continuous thread or something being said about an individual over and over does not mean it's fact. so, i think what she's saying is, let's look at who this man has always been. let's look at the fact there's no evidence that could be used against him. and let's not convict him in the court of public opinion. one thing to accuse him, but it's another thing to convict him.
11:55 am
that's what we're seeing happening to bill cosby at this point. >> what do you make of this idea that now some of the women in his life are coming forward but that bill cosby himself has so far not at least on record officially said anything? >> i think bill kos bri is taking the smart step in understanding that he has allowed the legacy of who we all have come to know and love through his work to speed louder than the accusations against him. and i do think it's a smart strategy, to have the people around him, his family, his children, speak to the man that they know and love. is he innocent? absolutely not. were there inappropriate behavior that took place? absolutely. and all of these charges, you know, they basically support that, but has he drugged and has he done some of what he's been accused of? i think they're standing forward and speaking to the man that they know more intimately than any of us. i think it's a smart strategy. >> well, we have to leave it
11:56 am
there. unfortunately, we're out of time. thank you. >> thank you. and that does wrap things up for "the reid report." i will see you back here at 2 p.m. tomorrow eastern. visit us online at "the cycle" is up next as we await a police update out of pennsylvania for suspect bradley stone. my name's louis,
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up to 30%? 45%? 60%? the answer is... up to 60% less. and that's a big reason why the u.s. is a world leader in reducing co2 emissions. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here. break news at this hour. the massive manhunt in pennsylvania could be over. good afternoon. i'm abby huntsman. as we come on air, we are waiting to hear from police who believe they might have found the body of bradley stone in a wooded area of philadelphia. s.w.a.t. teams have been searching high and low for the 35-year-old since he allegedly went on a shooting spree, killing six people, including his ex-bif and members of her family. family and friends tell us stone suffered from ptsd. he served a tour in iraq back in
12:00 pm
2008. joining us now is security analyst anthony roman, president of the global investigation firm roman and associates. thank you for being with us. it sounds like it has come to an end. what do we know that he suffered from ptsd and targeted his own family. >> his marine buddies when he was deployed to iraq said he was suffering extreme stress, which would compound the issues from iraq. his family were in a brutal custody battle while he was away. he left iraq early under a hardship leave, it appears. was there only three months and came home to a firestorm of legal activity. apparently it was causing him to go broke. apparently he simply reached the breaking point. >> is it common to go after family members? >> it's not


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